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Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Limousine Service

For many, getting driven around in a fancy limousine is the ultimate fantasy. You don on an elegant outfit, observe with wide eyes the bright bustling city through the limousine window, and click champagne glasses with colleagues, friends or a hot date. You get a good start for your night of celebration right there in your classy ride. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun? No wonder limo trips are the stuff of pop songs and music videos! 

No matter what special event you are attending, whether that’s a gala, dinner, wedding, or corporate or school formal, availing of a limo hire service is a decision you will surely not regret – it’s basically a no-brainer!  

The question then to ask yourself is, what kind of limousine service should I get? Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the best possible limo hire service for your special night. 

Be prepared with information before you make a booking

Are you booking a limo as a wedding car or a service for the entourage? Are you headed to a company event? Or are you taking out a special somebody on a romantic date? What your purpose for booking a limo is must be factored in as you make the actual booking.  

One reason for this is that you have to take into account the number of people that will be on board. Limo hire service companies may have different protocols for different numbers of people; for example, you may need to check how many people their limousines can seat. You want to hire a limo that everybody can comfortably ride in.  

Another reason is that limousine providers may be able to tailor-fit their services according to the purpose of your booking. For example, if you’re a group visiting from outside Sydney, they may assign you to the chauffer that can best serve as a tour guide as well. If you have special requests, like if you would want to bring your pets on board or you want to bring your preferred food and drinks, the limousine provider should be able to accommodate that.  

Be prepared when you communicate with the provider’s receptionist, so they can come up with ways on how to best meet all your requirements.  

Research the limousine provider’s track record

No one books a limousine to go to the grocery store (well, maybe some do.) When you’re booking a limousine, it is usually implied that you’re attending a very special occasion, one that you’ll want to look back on through the years. This means you want everything to go perfectly on that day.  

One thing that can truly ruin a night is when your limousine service is disappointing. If your car is late, your chauffeur has a sour attitude, or your limousine service company failed to take note of your special requests, that can truly put you in a bad mood during what should be a great night.  

To make sure everything goes right, book a car hire company that’s experienced, reliable, and professional. With a quick search online or a few calls to friends who have availed of the company’s services, you will get an honest review about them.  

You will also be able to tell if their services are worth it even during the booking process: if they are accommodating and friendly, they are likely to be a good choice. If you want, you can ask to see the car at the location itself to see if it is well-maintained.  

Review the quote

Most luxury car hire companies worth their salt will offer you a free quote upon request. Make sure to review the quote thoroughly and try to assess if it is really worth your money and time. Consider the car first: is it a car that is stylish enough for your taste? If so, then you move on to other factors: does their customer service impress you? Do they offer a few perks here and there?  

Most of all, how do they fare against other companies you are considering? In terms of experience and professionalism, do they seem more reliable than others? All this depends on how you feel as a potential client. If they make you feel comfortable and reassured, they may just be your best bet.  

Planning on traveling down the roads of Sydney in style? Make your night even more special with a limo hire service care of Able2Tour

With Able2Tour’s posh limousines, highly trained chauffeurs and staff, and proven twenty-year track record in the car transfer industry, you are guaranteed to experience a fancy limousine ride that you will never forget.  

Request a free quote today. Fill out the Quote Request form found on our website: there you may provide details of your trip and other information you would like us to be aware of,  

Once you’re ready, booking is easy. Book online via our website. For your enquiries, leave us a message along with your contact details via our website’s contact form, or call us at +61 419 627 130 at your most convenient time. We are available 24/7. 

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