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Planning a special night out?

Wherever you’re off to your next trip or you’re out for a fancy dinner with your lover, you will definitely decide on how you’re going to explore. If you’re the type to impress, Able 2 Tour is your trusted ally. To ride in luxury and style is to ride with Able 2 Tour. 

Able 2 Tour offers chauffeured services for your romantic dinner in Sydney. From private tours, galas, and shows to your next dinner engagement,  we make sure to meet luxury and class. No more battling with traffic, we make your dinner night hassle-free.

We provide you with a seasoned driver, making sure you don’t lose your way getting around town as you hop and dine in your favourite restaurant. With our approach, you have a greater degree of flexibility with your day knowing that you can rely on us.

Able 2 Tour, can simply take you in a one-off journey and make sure you arrive at your destination  relaxed and ready for your date. What a deal! 

In case you’re planning to dine in Capanno Trattoria Bar and Grill or  Toto’ Ristorante, you can have our private luxury car for hire. Enjoy a safe and professional journey to your next appointment with Able 2 Tour.

Why book our Dinner Limousine Transfer Service?

Impress your special someone

You always go a little extra, when you want to impress someone. Nothing is as impressive when you show up and take your dinner date in a limousine ride. 

It’s like taking your date in a magic carpet ride.

Travel with ease and convenience

Without a doubt, riding in a limousine is far better and more comfortable than any other ride. When you want to keep things intimate, you would always prefer travelling in comfort. A limousine has a dedicated interior which has great amenities that makes your date feel relaxed and special, without added stress. 

The television, music system, and a range of other features will make you enjoy your ride to the fullest. The ride itself is a charming experience to get to know your date.


There is nothing worse than getting prepared and ready and finding out that you need to wait for your Uber to arrive at your location. All the time wasted waiting, worst if they cancel on you last minute. But with limousines, no more waiting or cancelled trips.

All you have to do is book them before your trip and they will be waiting for you to take you to your destination.

Arrive in comfort and ready to dazzle your date with Able2Tour’s private car for hire in Sydney

It’s comfortable as it is stylish.

Enquire on our services now.

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